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Large-scale curing tank

Name:Large-scale curing tank


Zhucheng Lu Tong Tong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. - Jujubevulcanization tank temperature, pressure, time using automatic computer automatic control system design pressure 0.4-0.8mpa, the design temperature of 130-180 ℃, the diameter of 3500-6000mm Room,according to product technology tailored to customers tailor-made to maximize the technical requirements of different products.

Large electric steam, steam heating dual-purpose curing tank Safety Tips:
1, for your personal safety and equipment operation, the device is strictly prohibited to exceed the design pressure and design temperature, the pressure range must be strictly controlled within the design.
2, please use within the design of the use of time, more than the design life, please be careful to avoid accidents.
3, do the usual equipment maintenance and repair work, regular maintenance of the working status of the valve instrumentation to ensure that the equipment is operating normally. Can improve the efficiency and life expectancy.
4, non-compliance with safety regulations, non-fault operation is strictly prohibited.
5, equipment operators should be the appropriate training, master skills before induction.
Jumbo Lined plastic pipes, elbows, valves, storage tanks, etc., according to different sizes rubber products to customize the size of the vulcanization.

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