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Indirect heating curing tank

Name:Indirect heating curing tank


Indirect heating curing tank: thermal conductivity heat sink, fast thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation, long service life. Steam from the tank after 2 sets of automatic valves into the tank heat sink, heat sink in the tank up and down around the rules, high temperature fan through a special temperature cycle board will be evenly distributed heat from the back to front, the heat to the tank door and back Wind turbine shroud, wind gathering hood to promote more uniform circulation of the tank heat and diffusion, optimization of thermal cycling and heat transfer efficiency, heat cycle back and forth in the tank to form a uniform temperature field, uniform temperature without dead ends, constant pressure . Solve the product of the tank due to uneven temperature and pressure, resulting in product quality differences, set the working procedure, the control system automatically heating, insulation, curing and other work, after the end of vulcanization automatically cut off and sound and light alarm sound .

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