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Roller curing tank

Name:Roller curing tank


Electric steam rubber roller curing tank temperature, pressure, time using automatic control, stable and reliable performance, easy to use, safety and environmental protection pollution-free. Rubber roller vulcanization tank energy saving than traditional 35%, is the most widely used vulcanization tank equipment, design pressure 0.6-1.5Mpa, the design temperature is 150-200 ℃, the diameter is 600-5000mm, the length of 1000-60000mm between , According to the technical requirements of products individually designed for customers. Electric water heater uses a new type of thermal insulation oxide rice material, heating, high efficiency, long service life. N tube group according to the rules arranged in the bottom of the tank, connected to the tank through the heat exchanger tank, the tank height of 5-15mm, electric water vapor generated from the bottom to the uniform diffusion cycle, the tank wall to form a certain condensation Water flows to the tank bottom sink, and then heating tube to continue heating. The formation of a closed uniform temperature field. Uniform temperature inside the tank, the pressure constant error-free, to solve the uneven temperature and pressure caused by different product quality problems. Set the working procedure, the control system automatically heating, insulation, curing and other work, after the end of curing sound and light alarm sound and automatically cut off the power.

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