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Rubber boots curing
Rubber boots curing cans

Name:Rubber boots curing cans


Indirect vulcanized rubber tank is a new type of curing method. Temperature, pressure, time using automatic control, stable and reliable performance, easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly pollution-free, energy-saving than traditional curing tank of more than thirty percent. Electric heating pipe using a new type of thermal insulation oxide material, heating, high efficiency, long service life. N-type electric heating pipe switch individually controlled to reach only the working temperature of which 1-2 group of insulation work, a significant saving in electricity consumption to reduce the cost of use. Uniform temperature inside the tank, the pressure constant error-free, to solve the uneven temperature and pressure caused by different product quality problems. Set the working procedure, the control system automatically heating, insulation, curing and other work, after the end of curing sound and light alarm sound and automatically cut off the power.
Luk Tong-indirect heating shoes curing tank - well-known brand in Shandong curing tank with double external insulation can control the insulation components sub-regional work, saving 30% of energy consumption than ordinary tanks.
Vulcanization tank sealing method The company uses advanced inflatable silicone rubber seals, sealing effect is significantly better than other ways, and longer service life.
The equipment is a non-standard pressure vessel category, heating mode, working medium, working pressure, working temperature, dimensions (diameter 600-6000mm, length 1000-60000mm) and many other parameters to support private custom.