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Double-door electric steam hose curing tank

Name:Double-door electric steam hose curing tank


Electric steam, steam heating dual-purpose curing tank Safe chain method: the use of safety interlock device is to prevent equipment in the pressure or pressure with the work, the wrong opening of the tank door caused by unsafe incidents. Solve the security risks caused by workers misuse and other reasons. The device in the tank door design 3 sets of safety interlock device, as follows:
(1), the pressure automatic safety chain: Set the pressure in the top of the tank door automatic interlock device, when the tank pressure reaches 0.01mpa, the suspension chain locks automatically float up the tank door. As long as there is pressure in the tank, the tank door can not be opened to prevent the safety hazards caused by workers' misoperation.
(2), manual safety chain: work only to close the manual chain valve, the tank can be pressurized heating, or manual chain valve is connected with the external tank, the tank can not form pressure. Open the door when you must manually open the chain valve, or can not rotate the tank door, can not open the tank door. To ensure that the autoclave can open the canister only under no pressure, as long as there is pressure, it can not open the canister even if the worker misoperates, thus solving the potential safety hazard caused by the worker's misoperation.

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